Victor Mendez

Orange County, California

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Victor Mendez, is an "Icon" in Radio and TV Hispanic Media. He's done innumerable Radio and Television Shows, Programs and Commercials. Also known as "El Negrito de la Buena Suerte" or "El Bombon de Chocolate" translation to the first "The little Black Man of Good Luck" The second one means, “The Chocolate Bombon.” Also a Journalist for a Hispanic Newspaper.

Victor Mendez was born on a Spanish Ship with the name of "Virginia de Churruca" on the Coast near La Romana which was sailing in the waters of the Dominican Republic His Father came from Sicily, Italy.He was an Engineer & Archetic under a contract to Santo Domingo to oversee the construction of the Central Azucarero.(Main Sugar Refinary Co.) His Mother was Dominican. A family of 10 sibilings, being the baby. Born into a family of talents (Radio Disc Jockeys, Singers and Musicians and celebrities) grew up in front of a microphone all his life including being in television in the Domincan Republic.

At the age of 09 he was already an orphan. He won the Lottery twice in the Dominican Republic. Matured fast and decided he wanted to live in the USA. With family connections he legalized and came to New York. Talented grew up doing Magic, Imitating Celebrity voices, ventriloquist, and joggler. His performances were done in many, theaters. Victor Mendez, is a sharp, witty, and has incredible versatile talent. When he picks up the microphone his charismatic electrifying personality, makes his audience addictive to listen. He transmits himself as a happy go lucky individual always full of joy and positiveness. Along with his taste of music, which is Merengue/Salsa and Tropical, makes you want to dance and dance and dance!

In 1975, he was the very first Hispanic to have his own Disco Show in California which aired out on TV channel 18-KSCI-L.A. His : Super Disco Show" and “The Salsa Explotion Show”ran from 1979 -1981. At the same time he was a Radio Disc Jockey in KLVE 107.5 FM.

The Stations that he worked for was KMAX 107.1 FM-KLVE 107.5FM KHJ 930AM-KWIZ 1480 AM KMIA 1220AM and Radio America 1500 AM.

He worked and interviewed many well known celebrities including Salma Hayeck at the beginning of her career. Some of the other ones were: Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Tito Guizar, Machito, Don Francisco Mario Krausberger, Dancer Tongolele, Teddy Fregoso, Yare More, Lupillo Rivera, Teddy Fregoso, and many many more.

  • Work
    • Radio and Television with own programs
  • Education
    • Communications in Bronx College.