Elizabeth Torres-Russell [ET]

Chief Development Officer in Australia

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As a leader, I believe people are our greatest asset and we need to invest in their development. I am drawn to see potential in others and want them to experience success, so investing in them brings me strength and satisfaction.

I thrive in dynamic situations and when confronted with the unexpected, I jump in and calmly devise new options or hunt down new pathways or partnerships. Because although it may not be obvious at first, there is always a solution to any challenge. Bringing the right team together in unity is critical at this point.

My strategic approach is based on assessing the; What if? Assessing and evaluating options whilst culling along the way and finally selecting the chosen path (my strategy), and at that point, I strike forward.

I’m a hands-on Chief Development Officer (CDO) with 30+ years experience in broadcast media, strategic marketing, communication, community and stakeholder engagement; and program/project management.

Over the years I have acquired experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. I’m committed to foster continual service delivery improvement through research, monitoring & evaluation; and by developing a learning organisational culture that strives for excellence.

I have a personal passion to explore & provide equity of access to information, education & training to communities through multiple platforms including the use of mobile, emerging technologies & social media to reach rural and remote areas with the goal of empowering the end-user to improve the wellbeing, education and social & economic status of their communities.

My diverse career has enabled me to manage projects & events for Premiers, Ministers, Directors-General, national and international organisations and have coordinated & advised on the roll out & implementation of organisational initiatives for state, national & international markets.


➤ STRENGTHS: Connectedness • Individualization • Belief • Responsibility • Strategic


Español - Spanish: Apasionada de proveer igualdad de acceso a la información, la educación y empoderamiento de las comunidades urbanas, rurales y áreas remotas para mejorar los resultados sociales, económicos y de salud a través del uso de las redes sociales, móviles y tecnología.


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