Ed Ovett

I began producing & hosting the Ed's Mixed Bag all-genre music & variety podcast back in Oct 2005 and have produced 274 episodes in total before pod-fading!. I'm a father of 4 children, grandfather of 7. I grew up knowing I wanted to be a radio DJ, but missed my calling. You might say, life got in the way!! I am currently retired after 26 years, (really after 40 lifetime yrs of work) and formerly was employed by the School District of Palm Beach County as a Graphics Technician (first eight years) and then, after the graphics and printing departments were farmed out, joined the Maintenance dept in the Fire Alarm & Security Shop, installing and maintaining systems in over 200 schools (for another 18yrs). Of course, prior to that I held a number of interesting positions, including A/V Tech for a High School Assembly program service company out of Philadelphia (taking me to 23 states across the USA), and I once did copy photography and ran the console for public shows at the Miami Planetarium. Its star machine (made by Spitz) is the most accurate and finest star duplication machines in the world. Its one of the best kept secrets in Miami. I was, at that time, under the direction of the Star Hustler himself, and recently deceased, Jack Horkheimer.

As the Ed's Mixed Bag music & variety podcast began as a weekly show, it then evolved to a bi-monthly show. This has allowed for much more innovation, segment creation, and possibly an increase to 3 episodes per month. I've also done live hosting on Ustream with five other music podcasters on a show we called, "The Pod 5." It, shortly after its beginnings, became a Mothpod Production, a Zack (the Mothman) Daggy production company. The show has recently had special reunion episodes and remains on a "sometimes" schedule.

I hope you found this dashboard About Me page handy & thanks for taking time to read this brief biography.

Update: After Ed's Mixed Bag sort of pod-faded, I began a daily indie music podcast featuring just 2-songs on each episode called "Mr. Ed's 2-Song Spotlight Presentation." With episodes just 10-12 minutes in duration. Listen at http://shoutomatic.com/ed-ovett Also, edsmixedbag.podomatic.com