Ed Sarfo

Lexington, Kentucky

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Ed Sarfo was born and raised in Ghana. He attended high school at an American Baptist missionary school in his home town. While there, he discovered a passion for business and a yearning to build his own business in America. Ed Sarfo studied chemistry in Germany, and eventually moved to Lexington to obtain his real estate license and eventually his broker’s license.Ed Sarfo’s approach to real estate brokering is a personalized one, where he pays close attention to the needs of his clients and then uses his resources to produce the best possible situations for them. Sarfo is passionate about helping others in the most genuine manner, which includes leveraging his professional skills to help his clients find the perfect home.

Ed Sarfo is an experienced realtor and broker with several years’ experience in the industry. He is a Christian with strong faith and believes in volunteering and helping the homeless whenever it is possible. His commitment to the faith has helped him serve as the deacon at his church. Sarfo grew up and studied in Ghana, West Africa, and then later in Germany before moving to live and work in the United States.Learn more - https://edsarfous.wordpress.com/