Ed Roman

Entrepreneur and Investor in San Francisco, California

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I'm currently a professional investor focusing on enterprise SaaS, marketplaces, and software infrastructure.

Most recently, I led innovation for Pluralsight, which is democratizing professional learning. Pluralsight recently acquired HackHands, where I was recently CEO. HackHands accelerated developer productivity via realtime mentoring. I now serve on the board of Pluralsight.

I'm founder of hack.summit(), the largest programmer conference (and the largest virtual conference) in history with 80k+ attendees. I also founded the hack.pledge() movement, which helps developers get free mentoring. I spearheaded a "Medium.com for developers" project as well.

I am active in the startup investing world. I lead several investment syndicates/funds on AngelList -- my personal syndicate, an Open Source fund, an Enterprise Security syndicate, and Founders Space.

I mentor startups from Founders Space, 500 Startups, YCombinator, Capital Factory, TechStars, and more.

Prior to this, I was founder & CEO of Ghostfire Games. Our game Rage of the Gladiator won critical acclaim as a top-rated Wii title. It's available on Nintendo 3DS, Android, and won a game-of-the-year award for iPhone/iPad.

I created the world's largest Java community (450,000+ members), TheServerSide (acquired by Precise Software).

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