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Public Speaker, Writer, and Consultant in San Jose, California

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I am a speaker, writer, and consultant whose areas of expertise include start-up growth, marketing, PR, events, market research, social media, content strategy, effective diversity and inclusion, and community building.

I co-founded BlogHer, Inc and was COO until we achieved an exit, joining forces with SheKnows Media, where I eventually became Chief Community Officer.

BlogHer was a movement that created a market. We worked with thousands of women to raise their voices, find their tribes, and build their businesses. We paid thousands of women tens of millions of dollars for their work.

I'm now working on my first book (TBA), due for publication in Fall 2018. I'm also advising creators, entrepreneurs, leaders, and writers on how to take their idea, their work, their business to their next level.

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My TEDx Talk: Re-writing History, Keystroke by Keystroke


"We hired Elisa for a one-day strategic review of our company's content and social strategy to ensure we pursued the most effective path for our company's stage and resources. Elisa delivered keen insights on every aspect of our strategy and we emerged able to make specific decisions, prioritize deliverables, and implement tactics that have already paid dividends and had measurable impact. Elisa is a fabulous combination of thought leader and operational leader, with great experience and strong understanding of the digital landscape. She action oriented, highly focused and honestly, a lot of fun to work with too."

Margaret-Ann Burness, VP of Marketing, Silvernest

"Elisa is the speaker whisperer. Her genius is taking the kernel of your idea and partnering with you to craft a story and message that is authentic and resonates.

I knew Elisa would be the perfect coach because of her years of experience as the primary keynote scout and coach for the BlogHer Conference series and her own talents as a keynote speaker.

In just a couple of efficient sessions Elisa helped me find an edge-of-your-seat storyline for my speech and coached me on its delivery, melding personal narrative and custom research into a speech that only I can give. One that I can give with 100% confidence."

-Lisen Stromberg, Author, COO 3% Conferences

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