Emily Carmichael

Seattle, Washington, United States

I have been on a spectacular life journey the last 8 years! Many people made it possible and inspired me to become a guide and coach myself to help others on their journey.

I help people live engaged and awake lives through all the obstacles that life throws our way.

I work as a coach and spiritual mentor - asking questions, building courage, helping you refine and live your goals.

My approach is based on the understanding that we all want something more - meaning, connection, vibrancy. Sometimes we need a little nudge or just some help finding our way. We each have wisdom and intuition for the journey - I honor your unique strengths and experiences and offer a little more light on your path.

My own story involves 20 years of progressive success in corporate America and reaching a breaking point in my way of navigating life - my relationships, values, religion weren't working the way I thought they would despite my very diligent efforts. And so I began to explore something different. I now help others do the same.

Contact me to learn more about how we might work together.