Emmanuel Durand

Hong Kong

I was born and lived my childhood in a small town in France near Nantes. I went to University in Marseilles because I wanted to study and be a researcher in Marine Biology. I had the opportunity to go to England for a year on an Exchange programme, and that's where I met my Hongkongese wife.

We married in 1997 and I arrived in Hong Kong right after the hand over to China. I was fortunate to find a job at the French International School as a laboratory technician. I walked my way up and into Information Technology, and that's where I am now.

Over the years, I've been involved into pretty everything an IT guy working in a school would do: user support (lot's of!), domain configuration, batch accounts and emails creation, software, servers and computers provisioning and installation, web application development, policy writing and enforcement, budgetting, web editing, documentation writing. We've used almost exclusively Microsoft technologies and I, personally, am happy with that. And as an educational institute, we get pretty steep discounts, which is always welcome.

What I love in my job is that there is always something new and challenging. And as if not challenging enough, I have some pet/hobby projects that I'm working on in my (very little) spare time. Follow me on twitter and suscribe to my blog and you'll know more over the time.

I have two lovely daughters and my family is my life.