Erdin Kacan

United Kingdom

I am a Game Designer with a focus on designing engaging experiences with uncommon qualities. I do focus on minimized learning curves with noteworthy game mechanics, therefore creating interesting experiences that are enjoyable by diverse audiences.

In addition to Game Design, I'm considerably experienced ingame programming & application programming. Furthermore, throughout my career and personal life, I've practiced wide variety of artistic disciplines such as graphic design, pencil art and playing musical instruments. Since I've mostly worked with the teams that I've formed, I am also experienced inproject & team management. The experiences that I've got from all those different disciplines thought me how to better understand and communicate with professionals from such areas; consequently enabling me to create complete experiences via enhanced communication.

I believe most of the game design and/or technical problems can be solved even before they happen if the team is in a sense unity in terms of communication. When every team member understands what the others needs and what they need from others, most of the problems are solved with, much less effort and much better outcomes.

As a Game Designer, I consider team-work and communication to be very important skills to have to be able to design experiences that are in harmony. Therefore I combine my multi-disciplinary skillsto improve that communication and my game design skills to realize unified, enjoyable and interesting games.

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