Eric Greenfield

Experienced Bookkeeper in New York

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Over the course of his career, Eric Greenfield has performed bookkeeping and accounting duties for a number of New York City companies. He entered the corporate financial services profession as a staff accountant and soon worked his way up to a payroll management position at a major company, where he also assisted the organization's chief financial officer. Responsible for crafting an annual budget, Eric Greenfield also prepared documentation for internal audits and monitored benefits for internal staff.

Mr. Greenfield later transitioned to the role of accounting and payroll manager with another major company. There, he oversaw employee and nonemployee payments and records while administering reimbursements, employee incentives, and annual bonuses.

Mr. Greenfield now owns and operates his own business, Bookkeeping Manhattan, where he is the principal and lead consultant. Working with businesses active in a variety of industries, he offers a broad range of services, including cleanup of bookkeeping, daily management of funds, and accounts payable and receivable.