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Eric McCormick

Web Developer in Neenah, Wisconsin

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A full-stack web application developer with a passion for automation and seamless integrations, Eric McCormick is an IBM Champion (ICS) for 2015 and renewed for 2016.

Eric prefers NodeJS w/ Express or JEE for his application server, with a great love of Angular for front-end development. Eric works during his day job mostly on Domino/XPages, but does work with other stacks and enjoys putting the best tools from every bit of his stack to work to their collective advantage.

When not working, Eric spends time with his family, blogs, and enjoys hobbies of photography, gardening, skiing, snow shoeing, and biking.

Brief experience list:
- web development and design since 2003
- Java since 2002 (with a few years off between 1.5 and 1.7)
- Domino/XPages since 2011 (started on 8.5.3)
- NodeJS since v0.5 (2011)
- Angular since v 0.97 (2011)

  • Work
    • The Boldt Company
  • Education
    • Michigan Technological University