Erich Sherman

Pennsylvania, United States

Hey there! If you're here, then you probably want to know a bit about me. Or you're lost. In which case, I hope you find your way soon, oh lost one.

This page is about my experience as an amatuer game creator. You can find a list of my game jam projects below along with some screenshots in the bio image.



A light metroidvania game that utilizes sight limitations to create a world larger than it first appears.

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Core Collector

A space shooter where you must shoot the outer layers of a space station before collecting the inner core of the station.

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You Are The One

A single-direction sidescrolling platformer designed to be played entirely by a mouse.

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A puzzle game where you control two boxes in separate worlds hoping to merge them.

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Demake Hero

A demake of everyone's favorite party game, Guitar Hero.

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Heavy Metal Kate

A 'magical girl' style game where the main character transforms into a heavy metal star.

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  • Education
    • Penn State University
    • Media Studies