Jack Carney

Life/Executive Coach in Auckland, New Zealand

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I am a unique kind of Life/Executive Coach currently living in Auckland, New ZealLand.

I specialize in “Self-Actualization” the 5th, highest level of the Maslow Need Hierarchy that I hold as the culminating achievement of what being Human may mean.

My interests range from arts to education, but my main passion is Responsible Freedom. By which I mean you enact the will to be freely responsible for yourself and allow no other to control you nor do you try to control another.

I created two Facebook groups to encourage persons to explore and express their lives using the Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs model metaphored into a “Mountain of Life” to be climbed to its Peak of Self-Actualization.

CLIMBING MOUNT MASLOW www.facebook.com/groups/ClimbingMountMaslow/

MOUNT MASLOW MENTORS www.facebook.com/groups/mountmaslowmentors/

Please join either or both!

SELF-ACTUALIZATION has been my journey up Mount Maslow to its Peak.

What is Self-Actualization?

My version of Maslow's definition: "What Humans MUST BE, they CAN BE. This work I call Self-Actualization."

Ralph Waldo Emerson: "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."

Here is my website: www.resourceforyoursource.com

My Cell in Auckland: +64 22 409 4035

My Email: [email protected]

I wait for you on the Peak, the slippery Slopes as well as the Valley of the Shadow of Death of Mount Maslow.

Here is the Rope of Responsible Freedom. Take the other end. Let us begin our climb together in the mutually supportive bond of Free Friendship.

Go to my website, message my cell, email me, or go to my Skype or Whatsapp (username for both: Jack Carney) and leave a message with a time and date to meet me for a free 30 minute session to see if Life/Executive Coaching for Self-Actualization may interest you.

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