Fitness Training by Stephanie Turner

Fitness Training by Stephanie Turner is a team of leading, experienced health & fitness professionals who place a focus upon continuing education and industry expertise. Our team works 1:1 with clients to create a strong foundation via a healthy body transformation, and ultimately assists in the development of a more balanced physical self.

With facilities in River West, FTbyST services the downtown Chicago area and takes great pride in offering the most professional and convenient fitness to the local community. With our comprehensive approach to personal training, we emphasize working the entire body during each session, aiming to speed the metabolism, correct muscle imbalances and properly strengthen the core.

The FTbyST philosophy revolves around owner Stephanie Turner's commitment to making a change in her client's lives and providing them cumulative, results-driven planning and a long-term approach to their fitness goals. Her goal is to make all FTbyST clients reach the level of fitness they desire by assisting them in feeling fit and staying fit for life.