Fashion Kin

New Jersey, United States

Welcome to Fashion Kin a collective Fashion & Beauty Blog brought to you by descendants of one ancestor Fashion. To get started we would like to introduce the Fashion Kin contributors.

April *aka* SoFashionWeak is a 36 year old single professional working mother who loves everything Beauty & Fashion. April lives her life as a non traditional fashionista and is best known for her unique personal style and budgetnista niche.

Chet *aka* Charles Class is a 38 year old working professional stylist and aspiring T-Shirt designer. Chet philosophy is, “It’s not just style but a way of life.” He enjoys styling modern day classic looks for the everyday man.

Jamall *aka* Rbtenderony is a 32 year old Singer/Rapper/SongWriter and CEO of SIRE by SirJean Bow Ties. Jamall brings to the stage edgy dope styles you won’t see coming and going in your daily walk of life.

Kahlil *aka* Trinidad Jones is a 16 year old High School student with a hip fashion sense. His style is reminiscent of 90 sitcom star Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Kahlil makes rocking out vibrant colors look cool. His unique style exudes confidence and dares everyone to be different.