Fastpace CDO Corporation

Business in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Fastpace CDO Corporation

Business in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

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POWERTRAC INCORPORATED began its operations on May of 2012. But its track records started from year 2004 when Fastpace Tractor Parts Trading was formed. It was a single proprietorship engaged in trading of brand new and surplus heavy equipment units and spare parts. To enhance its business transactions, the enterprise was converted into a corporation under the name of Fastpace Tractor Corporation last November 2011. Because of the huge demand in the growing market of the construction, infrastructure, mining and transportation industry, the owners of Fastpace Tractor Corp. decided to put up a new company, Powertrac Inc. Its Primary activity concentrates in distributing brand new heavy equipment units and trucks throughout the country and open branches nationwide thus Powertrac Inc. – Cagayan de Oro was born and Fastpace CDO Corporation for its parts support and to which both operations had started on August 6, 2016 and April 2018 respectively.

Because the owners carry a very reputable and progressive name in the industry, Powertrac Inc. received the approval to be the Philippines' distributor of Lonking International Strategic Business Unit and Sinotruk Import and Export Co., Ltd., China's two leading manufacturers and sellers of heavy equipment units and trucks for the last 3 years.


We, at Powertrac Inc., upholds our mission to be a vital part in building our nation. Gaining the trust of the two biggest suppliers in China, Powertrac Inc. will support small and medium entrepreneurs to participate actively in the construction and mining industry, thereby providing employment and growth to our country.


Like what the other developing countries such Japan, Korea and Singapore are doing, our vision is to help boost the economic advancement of the Philippines through the construction and transportation industry.

With Powertrac Inc.'s endeavor to provide high quality heavy equipment units, trucks, and services at very competitive prices, our vision can become a reality. We can help build road, bridges, and other infrastructures not only to make trade and transportation more efficient, but also to unite our people as ONE to move our country forward.

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