Favorite Carpet

1325 N Linwood Ave

Santa Ana, CA 92701



Mon - Sun 7am-7:30pm

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Favorite Carpet Cleaning specializes in providing environmentally friendly and high quality carpet cleaning services to Santa Ana Residents. We use low moisture hot water extraction from truck-mounted and portable steam units.

Our Favorite Carpet Cleaning specialists will not fill your head with any empty promises; rather, we will provide you with guarantees and incredible results.

We guarantee that you are going to be endlessly amazed by how beautiful your carpeting actually looks once more, so do your household, yourself, and of course your carpeting a favor today by contacting a Santa Ana carpet cleaning team that you can undoubtedly trust. From generic carpet stains to deep red wine stains and beyond, with us there is no such thing as a stain that “will not come out.” In short, you can count on us to make your carpeting look absolutely astonishing.


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