FeedRight By Juliana Leamen

Hello everyone! My name is Juliana Leamen and I am a health food advocate, a pet nutritionist, an animal lover, a happy wife and a blogger.

Nutrition is my career and passion.I created FeedRight with one goal in mind, spread the word about how amazing a healthy life can be. And if you are a pet lover, a professional on the go or a foodie living on a budget, I got something for you. For healthy gluten-free recipes, visit http://feedright4people.com

As a pet lover, I've dedicated many years to studying Pet Nutrition. I believe that healthier pet owners are more likely to make healthier choices for their pets, so I created http://feedright4pets.com . There you will find valuable nutritional information about your pet's health and nutrition.

Hope you enjoy!

Juliana Leamen, BSc, MSc