Fernando Mesquita

Educational Developer in Curitiba, Brazil

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Teaching, learning and coaching are my passions. I have been in Education for over 15 years performing different roles: teaching, managing educational programs, supervising teams of teachers, designing curriculum, developing assessments and coaching instructors. I am a specialist in Education development and Pedagogical Leadership. My main professional goals are to inform, to advise and to educate people as well as to develop and implement innovative ideas for maximizing learning and achievement in educational programs. My research interests include, but are not limited to, Instructional Leadership, Teacher Education and Educational Technology.

My Teaching Philosophy

I base my teaching philosophy on social constructivism. I believe that teachers enhance learning by emphasizing interaction and collaboration, that learning is a social act as much as a cognitive and internal construction. Students benefit most from an atmosphere conducive to active participation, inquiry, research, discovery, and meaningful learning. In my lessons I utilize information gap activities, role-plays, debates, games, and interactions to create this atmosphere. My students interact with each other, not just with me. I believe education involves more than presenting information and transmitting knowledge. It includes the development of cognitive autonomy, impetus for discovery, and critical thinking ability.

My Instructional leadership philosophy:

Great schools do not exist without good teachers and principals. My goal as an instructional leader is to grow teacher excellence to impact student achievement. I believe that teachers matter more to student achievement than any other aspect of schooling. I am the product of great teachers. For these reasons, I am committed to providing high quality professional development, using teachers’ time wisely, facilitating improvement initiatives and modelling professionalism and high expectations. In other words, accelerating student performance by focusing on what matters most in schools.

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    • M.Ed. in International Teaching