Firminy Capital Sarl

A prominent financial group in Luxembourg District, Luxembourg

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A distinguished securitization firm based in Luxembourg, Firminy Capital Sarl oversees the Firminy Equity Fund as well as other Luxembourg securitization funds. Investing primarily in private placements, Firminy Capital Sarl strives to identify those that have continued to perform well despite the trying economic climate of the past few years. The fund maintains a team of highly trained finance professionals with an expertise in securitization, structured finance, and banking. The team includes a number of managers, contractors, and other associates based in the finance industry dedicated to providing the highest possible level of service to its clients. To ensure that clients have an optimum experience with the fund, Firminy Capital Sarl collaborates with a top 500 law firm that possesses substantial experience in the field of securitization. The firm works with the fund to identify and evaluate potential investments, as well as determine the best course of action with current investments. Since the partnership began, the fund has enjoyed substantial rates of return on investment. The fund has also forged strategic relationships with a number of banks that offer advice on the current state of the market.

A new legal framework adopted in early 2004 allows for the creation of securitization vehicles (SVs), which provide for the pooling of contractual debt obligations. Investors may then purchase these collected debts. Firminy Capital Sarl collects funds from investors and then evaluates various potential investments based on risks. An independent agency determines risk and value for each investment. The fund purchases collected debts as registered bearer securities and pays subsequent returns directly to the investor. The fund's extensive network and team of dedicated professionals work to maximize return and minimize risk.

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