Fountainhead Montessori Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill, CA

Fountainhead Montessori’s Pleasant Hill, California, campus employs a highly trained and caring staff focused entirely on teaching the goal-oriented and creativity-based Montessori curriculum to toddlers and youngsters up to kindergarten age. Nearly all of the Pleasant Hill school’s head teachers possess more than 10 years of instructional experience in the century-old Montessori educational approach, and the majority of them also hold undergraduate or graduate degrees in childhood education and related subjects. The staff at Fountainhead Montessori’s other campuses, including those in Dublin, Orinda, and Danville, California, also have similar credentials.

Fountainhead Montessori places students in age-specific classes suited to their developmental, emotional, and social abilities. The school offers programs at four levels: one for toddlers 18 to 30 months old; another one for children two to three years old; a third for preschoolers and prekindergartners from ages three to five years; and a fourth for kindergarteners from four to six years old. We also understand that families need some flexibility in the classes their child attends. For example a child that just turned 3 may be better placed in the younger or older class depending on their size, speech, or development. Fountainhead is happy to work with families to achieve the best placement for their child. Unlike many schools Fountainhead offers flexibility and custom schedules.

The Pleasant Hill campus also provides extended day-care services for prekindergarteners and kindergarteners after the end of their normal school day. For each age group, the school maintains classrooms designed specifically to encourage curiosity and discovery, using unique instructional aids, educational tools, and games that teach basic concepts in math, reading, writing, and language. In addition, each classroom features child-friendly configurations, such as appropriately sized furniture and low shelving, which support independence and the building of self-esteem in students.

Part of Fountainhead Montessori’s educational programming also focuses on music, the arts, and enrichment opportunities such as foreign language learning and off-site field trips. Each week, classes partake in music and movement instruction, during which students might sing and learn about musical concepts, play instruments, or dance. Learn more at

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