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My name is Sebastian and I am 19 years old. I feel passionate about topics involving hardware and even would consider myself a hardwarefreak.

I love building PC's, server-clusters or small gadgets for wich I often desing custom PCB's in Autodesk EAGLE

My main interest is low-level programming. I'm capable of creating amazing gadgets and tools if I have the right hardware and a bit of spare time.

The arduino is my platform of choice when it comes to developing new projects. I have already worked with various I/O components such as sensors and custom displays.

In addition, I also enjoy working with linux servers. I possess some basic knowledge of various Ubuntu and Debian Server distributions.

One of my latest projects is a SmartHome system to automate certian parts of the house completely. For instance watering plants and controling the radiators.

I dislike messy cables and dusty breadboards. That's why I gained knowledge in Multisim to simulate my projects and EasyEDA to desing my boards.

I mostly use custom made PCB's for my projects (self printed or ordered).

When it comes to programming, C# and NodeJS are my favourite languages to work with. I do however possess basic knowledge of HTML and CSS as well.

But enough about programming languages. As for lingual languages, my mother's tongue is german but I am fluent in english as well.

In my free time I also love to go hiking, work out or just play a game of paintball with my friends (Real-life or virtual, depends ).

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by!

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