Marjorie F. Baldwin

Boston, Massachusetts

Marjorie F. Baldwin (or “Friday”) is my pen name for science fiction. Friday was also the title character of the Robert A. Heinlein novel from the 1980s about “Artificial People.” That story heavily influenced the creation of an Artificial Lifeform named “Charlie” who became a leading male character in the Phoenician Series books. In fact, Charlie becomes the backbone of the Phoenician series. Thank you RAH for that!

I write Social SciFi, the classic, speculative stuff set in a far future, more about people than gadgets though I have a lot of science in my SciFi. I'm influenced most by Heinlein but also by Asimov, Huxley, Dick, Bradbury, and more recently, Bujold. My Dystopian worlds are not YA style. You can contact me through [email protected] if you have any questions or requests.

If you want to read The Phoenician Series in order, start w/ WHEN MINDS COLLIDE (William's Story #0.1) which is a 29k word novella preceding the rest of the series by about 400 yrs. Next read MAN MADE MAN (Raif's Story #1) which is 262k words long (epic!)

If you like gay scifi erotica (m/m romance) next to read is A FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING (William + Jared's Story #1.1) a 28k word novella. Then read CONDITIONED RESPONSE (Shayla's Story #) the long novel that came out first.

Book 3 (Brennan + Julia's Story) should be out in 2014. There might be more short stories to come. I could write prequels forever since I just love this universe and these people :)