From Reverse

Hello there, I am From Reverse. You may call me Reverse if you would like, and if you insist, From. Take a seat and I will explain to you who I am.

I am a person hailing from the south of Britain. Being an insecure person, I'm not someone to put my location, age, or picture on the internet, I hope you understand. I am someone with different personalities for different places, normally quite hyper personalities. However in a few places, I am calmer or even a lurker

My humor is dry, and not that funny. It aims to cheer you up that little bit more to make sure you read through one of my blogs, because serious blogs can be quite boring if there is no humor mixed in.

So, that is me. If you see me around my first forum, Lake Valor, you'll see that I'm awfully hyper. I thought I'd let let my other thoughts come through for a bit.

Have fun, don't Reverse.