Frontier Alliance International

Coordinating Humanitarian Activities in Jackson, WY

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Globally networked, Frontier Alliance International (FAI) has a Christ-informed humanitarian mission and is based in Camp Golan, in an Israeli location on the border of war-torn Syria. Areas in which Frontier Alliance International provides sustained assistance include medical relief and assistance in rebuilding homes and lives.

Another primary focus of FAI is on counter-trafficking efforts to address the exploitation of women that has resulted in often religiously sanctioned sexual slavery. The nonprofit also maintains Haven Addiction Refuge as a safe and welcoming place for recovery in Turkey’s Northern Cyprus. Group care emphasizes building a sense of community and nurturing participants toward lasting health and sobriety.

With a longstanding association with the Kurds, the world’s largest group of stateless people, FAI also encompasses the Pesengi Institute. Over the course of a monthlong intensive, students immerse themselves in work on behalf of a persecuted minority through shadowing FAI Relief teams. Frontier Alliance International’s activities extend to the production of original educational films and it has produced eight full-length documentaries.