Michael Drexler

Hey everyone! I just want to say hello to everyone and thank you for joining the Fantasy Sportswire Page.

A few years back FSW was running strong and ahead of the game when it came to unlimited browsers, an advanced spidering network that superceded servers at it's time, we had all sorts of forums, and so much more. Then we experienced a break-up among the FSW people. Then everything shut down. A few years pa...ssed by and I finally felt it was time to resurrect FSW into a more ...lean mean machine.

At the moment I have a full plate. If you or anybody you know would be interested in employment. Please feel free to message me here at this page. I would be more than happy to hear from you or your friend.

FYI, I will be filling you in on details about the reviving of the FSW website right here on this page. I'll share posts from here to the group. If you have not joined our Facebook group, please open the link below to join.