Rae 👽🌸✨

Rae 👽🌸✨

Hello! My name is Rachel but I go by Rae. I currently have one Instagram account, my personal (magicalminghao). I also have a Twitter account (magicaIminghao) [captial "i"].

I am

•15 (almost 16 aahhh!!)

•from California

•heteromantic asexual

•cisgender (she/her)

A bit more about me:

I am a huge nerd. I love to read all kinds of books. I've been a dancer most of my life and it is my passion. I am a Christian. My faith is extremely important to me so i may rant on religious subjects (it's rare but it happens). I have this overwhelming love for all people. (I don't really understand it but it's true). I love listening to music especially twenty one pilots, marina and the diamonds, Owl City, and many kpop bands!! My first anime was Free! and it's still on of my favorites. I'm also a huge space nerd!!!

I have a few kins so please go ahead and tag me!! I don't mind double tagging. :-)

•Oikawa Tooru (haikyuu!!)

•Kisumi Shigino (Free!)

•Reiji Suwa (Prince Of Stride: Alternative)

I always love making new friends so don't be shy to request to follow! <3

If I do anything to offend or hurt any of you please please pLEASE let me know. I realize that I make MANY mistakes and the only way I can become a better person is if I am made aware of them.

Please be kind to everyone on my page. I'm here to make friends and have fun so lets pursue that together.

DM me to let me know that you read this!!

Thank you to those who read this big old thing <3