Welcome! Let´s make history.

The American Civil War was an enormous phenomenon in History.

More than 600 thousand americans lost therir lives in a war that last almost five years and bring with it the modern warfare. But that war meaning too another things: the end of slavery in America, a new and powerful Federal Governament and so.

But what it´s the MEANING of that war to you? What are the kind of THOUGTHS and FEELINGS that it bring to you? Like heirs of that war, we are more important than the battles and the all the sites togheter, because we live in the world who comming after the Civil War.

So if you like, we can make history recording your voice about what the Civil War means today, here in San Miguel de Allende.

There are three ways to record your opinion:

1. Taking the survey we make online.

2. Having a live interview.

3. Joining this project.

If you want any of that, we thank´s to you. We have more resources below, for get involved and keep reading about the Civil War.

We like to hear your voice, so let´s be heared!