GamBond® , Global Trust & Confidence.

GamBond® has a grand social goals (prevent remote trading frauds) by creating a new ecosystem that will become a "trusted" and viable alternative to be rated/audited/listed..

In short, GamBond® is an alternative way of assessing a company's likelihood of failure, by relying upon its realtime/near-realtime cash flow, or equivalent asset, position.

GamBond® is the pioneer of a new category of CASH Guarantee/insurance, which both rates a company, and guarantees the outstanding liabilities if the company fails (with Cash).

Before agreeing to guarantee a company, GamBond® determines its financial viability by analysing the company as a whole at the holding company level (rather than simply isolating specific securitised debts, financial instruments or even subsidiaries as the 'big three' routinely do).

Only when we are totally satisfied of a company's long term viability, do we offer to guarantee them against insolvency, which automatically entitles them to a GamBond® protection (i.e. to be "GamBonded" or GamBond® protected).

GamBond® will improve our unique market risk modelling by locking in the whole value chain to receive up to date qualitative and quantitative information of the industry (from government regulators worldwide, banks, auditors to even competitors).

"Being able to be "GamBonded" reflects the company's actual health, not an opinion of its health influenced by others factors."

As a result, market participants will find to be GamBond®-ed is more credible than those of the ratings agencies, and this reliability will be reflected in the companies' share prices (& customers' patronage), which means more and more companies will prefer to be bonded byGamBond®.

Consequently, we are keen to get more & more support from industry professionals, governments/regulators & financiers who share our vision to build this new transparent and trust inducing world.