Glenn Santos

founder in Ortigas Center, Philippines

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I'm Glenn Santos. I create platforms for personal and business growth. I value godliness, community and creativity.

What I do: - Marketplace that connects creatives who can do microjobs with solopreneurs who need things done. Founder, CTO.

Business Book Club - Facebook group for borrowing business books for free and sharing what you learned from them. Creator and Admin.

Solopreneur Philippines - Facebook group for solopreneurs who would like to network, get support, and grow their business. Creator and Admin. - Recurring funds for your Facebook groups' activites. Founder.

memokitchen - A small agency focused on creating unique content for clients. We specialize in transcription, content marketing, and community building. Founder.

Other things I've done:

Bihasa Reviewer - Mobile quiz app and community for helping examinees review for professional licensure exams and grow their professional career. Lead developer.

Writing Challenge - Facebook group to challenge people to write consistently and grow as writers. Organizer.

Mentors Dojo - Community for helping new startup founders learn from the mentors they need to grow their business and themselves. Founder.