Good Life Retreats

My name is Joshua Huddleston and I am the founder of Good Life Retreats, a San Diego, California based company. After traveling the globe and having seen 37 countries, I realized that renting houses in foreign countries was a bit difficult and often lead to situations where I did not get what I paid for. To ensure people get what they want on their well-deserved vacations, I decided the world needed a website which has a team to personally inspect each property that it represents. Good Life Retreats specializes in renting luxury vacation properties in Costa Rica. Every property listed on our site has been viewed and approved by our team. This ensures that we are familiar with every house which leaves our property owners and renters satisfied. We are a family site that aims to make visitors and their loved ones feel secure in their vacation home choice without having to worry about whether the area is safe for their family and friends. We hand select 31 properties per region to make sure that you rent high quality without having to worry about anything. We want to go above and beyond to offer you only the best properties! Our team consists of responsive and highly effective workers dedicated to serving our renters and property owners. We are people who love taking vacations just like you. So, take a break from your busy life, relax and enjoy THE GOOD LIFE.