Gopi Rajyaguru

It all started when I created my first webpage in 1999 that only had those two words. Ever since, my world has been spinning around the World Wide Web. Be it designing a webpage, writing HTML and CSS code or optimizing the existing websites for better SEO results. I specialized in Internet Application Development during my Master's degree. Lately, I am helping my clients in maximizing their ROI on marketing dollars by creating and managing PPC campaigns and other SEM projects. I love the smile on their faces when I show them the Google Analytics report that shows how their conversion rate went up in double digits by implementing my ideas. Now a days I am focusing on Social Media marketing and E-mail Marketing to be a well rounded digital marketing professional.

In my free time (if I find any!), if I am not baking Sneaker Doodle cookies, pampering my rose garden or sipping StarBucks, I might be reading Web Analytics 2.0, watching training videos at MarketMotive or visiting Avinash Kaushik's blog.

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