Grant Reese

Hi my name is Grant and I am in 8th grade. I am 13 years old and about to be 14. I am interested in basketball, track, and cross-country. I am a basketball for Texasxpress with some people that go to West like Tanner Smith, Josh Strong, Josiah DelaGarza, and Alec Brinneman. I am a runner for a club called Mercury. I am a basketball, track, and cross-country for West and was on A-team in basketball and cross-country and hope to be on A-team again this year.
I am the baby of my family and have two older siblings, my bother, Colton, is a senior at Texas A&M and is now 21 years old. My sister graduated from Baylor University and is now a teacher at a school in ulyss. My week is mainly practices.