~Juan Pablo~

22 years old. Straight. Single. Currently working as administrative assistant. Proud of being the person I'm. Open minded. No religion, but believes there's a God. Fond to Marxism, Eclecticism and Stoicism. Straight Edge (No drink, no smoke, no drugs) guy. Finds to read about as well as watch TV documentaries of History very entertaining. Instrumental music lover. Avid J-Pop listener. Anime and manga fan. Survival Horror gamer. Fan of the best football team in Mexico as well as the best team in England, Deportivo Toluca and Liverpool FC, respectively. Wrestling fan. Favourte USA series: Fringe. Likes to befriend people. Can't stand to deal with immature people. Hates hypocrisy, lies and most of all hates treason. Hates Facebook. Thinks Nana Mizuki is the real Queen of J-Pop. And the best music composer in the world is Seiji Yokoyama. Feels sorry for being sometimes too much subjective, but likes the hear what others have to say, and respect their opinions.