Greg Fultz

Small Business Owner, IT Specialist, and Consultant in Mattoon, Illinois

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I'm the proud Small Business Owner and Lead GeeK at GEFNET I.T. Services, specializing in Computer Repair, Technical Support, and a range of other services.

During my leisure time, I indulge in watching movies and TV shows, while also enjoying time with friends and family. Exploring the vast realms of the internet is another pastime that I greatly enjoy.

I hold a degree in Information Technology from New Mexico State University, along with certifications as a Network Specialist and an IT Support Professional trained by Google.

If you find yourself in need of any of the services I offer, rest assured that #ImYourGeeK. Feel free to reach out and contact me, as I'm always open to considering new projects and opportunities.

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While there is much more to share "about me," I believe this serves as a good starting point. If you require additional information or have any questions, I encourage you to reach out so we can have a conversation.

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Current Projects:

  • Developing a series of workshops to offer to the community at no cost.
  • Enhancing and expanding my managed services.
  • Collaborating with GEF Agency clients to help them achieve their goals.
  • Active involvement in various groups and committees.
  • Promoting and creating content for the FINOC Patreon Page.
  • Actively seeking local sponsorship and networking opportunities for my business.

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  • Work
    • GEFNET I.T. Services, LLC
  • Education
    • New Mexico State University