Gulrukh Irani

Writer, Chef, and Mother in Mumbai, India

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Hi, I'm passionate about my family and friends and writing for varied genres. I started off by winning college essay competitions. Later wrote a book on my husbands' hobby which was very enlightening, 'model railways'. Then wrote about Parsi food. And of course a short story for my kids about a baby crow and how he learns life's lessons. All these books have been self published on the excellent site : ''. It is the most user friendly site I know and you actually receive a check for the sales. My new romance novel has been published by FrontPorchRomance, titled 'Innocent Intentions' recently. Its a good read. And another one is near completion. Hope to write and publish many more and please my readers. Family support is crucial when you have a bend towards writing, and their criticism is priceless. My long suffering husband puts up with my imaginary flights of fancy and the children bear in silence. But I love all my family and the little bits of encouragement they may give along the way. Well, thats life! But making time for your loved ones and your compulsions is a jugling act. Would love to travel often.

My books are available at the below given urls.

  • Work
    • Housewife(that should cover it all) and writer.
  • Education
    • B.Com.