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Social Media Manager, Writer, and Blogger in Silver Spring, Maryland

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Beauty+Sports+Health+Blogging= My life in a nutshell!

As a former Published Model and Makeup Artist, I've been able to keep Fashion and Beauty in my life through Blogging! I have Bins of Makeup and Clothing, and I love everything in them, they're my Treasures! Which is how "Heather Lynn's Treasure Bin" (aka Heather's Treasure) came about! Check out http://www.heatherstreasure.com! My Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle blog! (If you're interested in writing a guest post, scroll down a little bit!)

*Blogging isn't my only passion. I love helping others achieve their Dreams! Which is how I got into Brand Management, and all that's involved. I love helping Start Ups & Small Businesses get their name out there! I've helped numerous Beauty Brands, as well as a Lifestyle Clothing Brand. Contact me if you'd like more information!

Aside from my passions, I've dealt with many obstacles in life that has made me who I am today.

You know that saying, "Don't take anything for granted..because everything can change in a blink of an eye."?

Well, that saying is 100% true. In March 2012, my entire life changed within 2 seconds, after breaking my right foot. Weird right? I have had to put everything on hold,and focus on my health after being diagnosed with CRPS/RSD. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is recorded to be the most painful health condition known to mankind. It's a progressive condition, with no Cure. Check out www.RSDhope.org if you'd like more info!

*About 4 years ago, I started a project called, "Let's Rock the Ribbons". As of now, it's an informative website that helps to spread awareness for over +70 causes. (Both Rare, and ones that affect a large number of people)Go to http://letsrocktheribbons.wordpress.com! The Twitter account for that site is: @urockyourcause and the FB fan page: http://Facebook.com/Letsrocktheribbons

Have any beauty/Makeup or Fashion related questions? I'd love to help! Here are some ways you can leave questions for me![Side Note: The answer to your question may turn into it's own post]You can leave a question by leaving it in the comment section of any post/page on my blog, on social media (links on here and on my blog), or by emailing me at Contact[at]HeathersTreasure.com! I hope to hear from you! :-)

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