Fort Lauderdale, FL

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, LLC (HRRG), has been working with health care providers for more than 17 years, helping them to find compromises between the provider and patients to work within existing financial situations. HRRG possesses expertise in collecting medical debts and emphasizes the importance of treating patients with respect and dignity while reminding and encouraging them to pay their debts.

HRRG helps clients maximize and expedite cash flow, reduce expenses and improve revenue cycles, minimize debt problems in the future, and maintain good relationships with clients. Additionally, because HRRG takes responsibility for the accounts payable, health care providers can focus on the other parts of the business.

HRRG offers numerous services to clients. It respectfully reminds patients of payment through telephone and mail communication. With the goal of maintaining respectful communication with patients at all times, HRRG reviews its representatives monthly for quality assurance. Throughout the process, HRRG treats patients respectfully and maintains compliance with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services standards. The group also understands that each patient requires a different approach.

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