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The only way to ensure your Obagi® products purchase is genuine is to purchase it through an authorized Obagi medical practice. Feel free to check our authenticity through Obagi®'s Find a Physician via the official Obagi® Medical website. We are an authorized Obagi Retailer listed under the care of Rosemary Geary, M.D.

Obagi® Medical skin care products such as Obagi Nu-Derm Systems and Obagi Clear are prescription strength and are only available if you have visited a physician's office. Obagi® Medical does not endorse purchasing Obagi products from other Internet Sites without a physician prescription and guidance. Obagi® products sold through some websites are diverted (not sold through an authorized medical practice), and therefore, they may not be authentic or may be diluted or expired. You may find the most updated partial list of these websites at Obagi Medical Products website.