Heiko Rauch

Heiko Rauch is an entrepreneur, tech enthusiast and angel investor. Today, he is the Co-Founder and CFO of UFOstart – the first “Global Crowd Network” for Lean Startups. Previously, he co-founded zanox, Europe's leading performance advertising network. His strengths in developing and maintaining lean, efficient organisational structures coupled with his strong financial competencies have proved a driving force in the success of zanox’ European and international expansion. It was also Heiko who established zanox’ subsidiary in the US – a strategic move to realise the vision of a globally spanning network covering Europe, Asia and the Northern American markets. zanox quickly established a global presence, and became Europe’s largest online marketing network, with 400 employees and annual revenues of $300M. In 2007, zanox was sold to a large PR/marketing firm in Europe. Heiko has been an enthusiastic supporter of entrepreneurship and crowdsourcing. In 2007 Heiko co-founded the Globumbus Foundation, an accelerator for entrepreneurship. He is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs and startup people. Heiko grew up under the blue sky of Berlin. Today, he lives and works in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.