Hellow Yellow

I have a few things to say about what has happened over the last few days. The hacking, and the lies that have been spread about me. First, it’s minutes to the New Year. That means a fresh start. To do a fresh start, means to let go of the old and embrace the future. This ‘hacking’ episode has done horrible things to me. To my health, my friendships, and my standing in the twitter community Not only was hacked, over and over and over, on many accounts. But someone took that advantage of that to push me off twitter. I considered this person a dear, close friend. I was wrong. I want to say here, and now. I. AM. NOT. MY. OWN. HACKER. I mean, think about it. Why would I do that? What could I gain? I lost EVERYTHING because of this hacker. I lost my RP accounts and friends. Why on Earth would I do that? Just for attention? Guess what, I don’t like attention on myself, I feel awkward and bad for it. So that’s just stupid, spreading around that I was my own hacker. As well as the lies you’ve been spreading around, I’ve gotten wind of them through my true friends. Speaking of my true friends, thanks for showing you were never a friend at all. Because, if you were, you wouldn’t believe the lies and would have came to ask me and talk to me about them. Did you? No. But even though we’re no longer friends, I still wish you the very best. It’s shame you were never a friend of mine though. All this being said I hope everyone has a great New Year. Even to those who don’t deserve it.