Henry Willis

Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneur in London, United Kingdom

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Henry Willis is an investor and Associate at Saltwater Ventures, a Venture Capital firm with an interest in revolutionary technology. Henry has already invested in Wakelet, an app that lets you curate and organize articles from around the web; AmplifyLife, an all-in-one athletics app; and Dugout, an exclusive football-related news platform.

Henry Willis is also the Founder and Head of Trading of Swift Fox, located in London, UK. Swift Fox is a Fin-Tech company which focuses on Foreign Exchange Transfers. They strive to simplify the foreign exchange process to provide their clients with the best possible experience.

Henry Willis first became interested in the foreign exchange markets at the young age of nineteen, where he began work as a foreign exchange trader. An entrepreneur at heart, Henry had always dreamed to one day start and run his own company. About five years ago, that became a reality when he established the financial technology (FinTech) company known as Swift Fox.

One of the aspects of working in venture capital that excited Henry the most is the way that each day is unique. Whether he’s at the office or traveling the globe and experiencing new cultures,Henry Willis loves the unpredictability of his job. He also loves the opportunity to take companies that are struggling and help turn them around, creating a stable and secure environment for all of the employees, and helping build a better future for everyone involved. It’s extremely rewarding for Henry to witness the level of dedication within these companies to see them succeed.

Outside of work, Henry Willis is a family man who loves spending time with his wife and being a devoted father to their three children. At the end of the day, he knows that they’re the reason he pushes himself as much as he does in the hopes of giving them a bright future and instilling in them the value of hard work. Henry also enjoys serving as an officer for the Samaritans where he is involved in charity work, as he also highly values giving back his community wherever possible.