Honson Luma

Father and Consultant in Baltimore, Maryland

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Originally from Miami, Florida but currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland, Honson Luma received a B.A. Political Science/Public Administration from Florida Memorial University, and a Master's in Public Administration from Sojourner-Douglass College. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate Degree in Community College Education Leadership at Morgan State University (ABD). Mr. is a seasoned futures and trader and uses his company, Space Age Investment Group/Consultant, LLC (SAIG) for its members to achieve financial independence. Mr. brings an extensive knowledge of the market - not only as a as a creator and programmer of to his new role at Sunshine Capital.

"I believe in creating shareholder value and that is exactly what I plan on doing for these two companies," stated the newly appointed Vice President of Sunshine Capital, Inc. DIB . "I intend to use all my expertise in the creating of to dramatically change how mergers and acquisitions are executed, with no debt or dilution to the Sunshine Capital shareholders, by making every acquisition the company executes a net positive to the company's balance sheet."

"What we are about to do in the market is unique and will make the two associated companies leaders in the market very quickly," he added.

"We are building a solid management team," stated Daniel J. Duffy, speaking on behalf of the Board of Advisors. "Since I am unable to run the companies myself, I have sought the necessary management skills for our executives to achieve the lofty goals which I have for the companies. I feel that have the same growth potential that many of the dot-com companies experienced. The difference is that with our management team, we will avoid the implosion that many of those companies experience. Mr. is one of the best creators in the business and can make us leaders in the market. I am used to large increases in companies' size and value in which I had an interest in the past and I believe Sunshine will be the best opportunity yet."

"It's an honor to have Mr. on this management team," stated James R. J. , President and CEO of Sunshine Capital Inc. "What Mr. is going to help execute in the market is going to shock a lot of people and I look forward to working with him."

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