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So, about me. Where to begin. Usually it's better to discuss this stuff face to face in a more balanced conversation, because it's very easy to misconstrue some interests as being something more than they are and/or to make assumptions and to categorise me as something that I'm not. As I said in my headline, I'm full of dichotomies. If I made a brief list, it might look something like this:

A gentleman, who has great respect for women, and values his relationships with them (most of my closest friends are women).

A scoundrel, who can be very playful and naughty with the right people, and certainly with the right woman.

Someone who values love, trust, kindness, generosity, respect, faithfulness, loyalty, patience and empathy above all else.

Someone who puts his partner and his relationship with her first, not third or fourth down his list of priorities.

Someone who can be rather introverted and hermit-like, but who can also be quite social and outgoing with the right people and in the right circumstances.

A very private, conservative-looking and often reserved person, but one who has attended Sin City Fetish Nights and Noir Fetish Balls (because dressing up, dancing, people watching and broadening one's horizons is fun).

Someone who can spend the day relaxing down at Wreck Beach, but who can then come home, change into a suit and go to the VSO (yes, a nudist who also owns a fair amount of formal wear and a couple of nice suits, and likes dressing up for special events).

Someone who parents love to meet, but someone who enjoys exploring things with his partner that parents would not want to know about. ;)

Someone who, in spite of some non-mainstream interests, also enjoys curling up and getting cozy and watching Netflix documentaries with a bowl of organic popcorn.

Someone who appreciates and enjoys photographing architecture and nature, but who also appreciates and enjoys creating tasteful artistic nudes.

Hopefully this gives you a bit more of an impression of me, and hopefully it resonates with you rather than scares you off. :)


***Please take note: If you truly know what you want, you can recognise and appreciate high quality people, and you have available and are willing to use the time and patience required to build a healthy relationship, then I look very forward to hearing from you.***

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