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How would we describe the residents of Detroit? We would say that it is here that you will find idealistic entrepreneurs, independent artists, downtown farmers and laid back workers all in the same place. Detroit is a city of contrasts, a place that has gone through bankruptcy and decay but that is now basically rebirthing from its own ashes. It is impressive to see how Detroit has changed for the better in the last few years and I am sure that if you decide to move there or simply visit it as a tourist, you will love it. You’ll love the fact that it has fascinating architecture, a very obvious love for art, lots of craft beer and delicious food. When it comes to food, the cultural mix is very present, which is why you are going to find amazing restaurants at every pace. We particularly prefer the Indian restaurants and here are some of our top choices:

· Star of India- This is a very compact Indian and Pakistani restaurants with a very relaxed atmosphere. Try their creamy soups, as well as their veggie samosas; these will take into the authentic Indian cuisine and I know that you will be amazed.

· ZamZam restaurant- The garlic naan and the butter chicken are to die for.

As for the everyday life in Detroit, things will have come with ups and downs but it is important to know where to ask for help if you come across problems. For example, the Detroit Instant Tax Attorney experts can help you in case you are dealing with IRS or state debt. We know how stressful debt can be but these tax law attorneys can help you obtain financial deductions. I know that you will be thrilled with the choice of contacting these specialists and allowing them to help you.

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