Hristina Uzunova

Consultant, Social Media Manager, and Public Speaker in Giannitsa, Greece

🍃 I am graduate of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly, Larisa (GR) at the Department of Business Administration.

I am Bulgarian and Greek native speaker and I speak English and German as well.

🍃 I had a Scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation of Greece in the 3rd year of my studies, where I reached an experience as an assistant in the Educational and Research Commitee of the Institute.

Also, I was choosen to participate in the exchange programme (of the European Union) Erasmus+ in the last year of my studies at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, Ludwigshafen (D).

I am owner of the following Certificates:

💡 Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration

💡 High School Degree in Business Administration and Financial Services

💡 Certificate of Competency in English - ECCE (B2)

💡 ÖSD Zertifikat (B1)

💡 IT Expert Certificate (Advanced & Specialist)

I have an experience in group work matters, which was gained through Case Studies and combined efforts at Institute's events like conferences, seminars etc. as well as from my work experience.

Working experience exept the Scholarship as an:

✏ Accounting Assistant at Intracosta Transport Ltd.

✏ Office clerk at Intracosta Transport Ltd.

✏ Trainee in the Human Resources Department of Municipality of Pella

➡️ Volunteering experience at the Department of Recycling, Water Supply and Sanitation System of Municipality of Pella as a volunteer of the cause "Plastic Bag? NO, thank you!"

✏ Quality Controller Assistant at Prodromos Pavlides S.A.

🍃 I am motivated person which is always looking for different ways to develop my personality.

Always seeking for challenges and opportunities.

I have a very competitive and proactive personality and these two assets have gained me some good understanding and experience in two main business fields:

👍 business management and various fields of human resources management and quality management.

I have gained the knowledge to cope with difficult situations and work with people with different visions in high lavel.

📚 If you think that we have things in common, can learn things from one another, work together, want to invite me in courses offered by your organisation, events and seminars etc. or simply would like to have me in your network, I will be delighted to connect with you through LinkedIn... you just have to press the "in" icon bellow.

  • Education
    • Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences
    • Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly