Hunter Miles

I believe my parents got my name wrong when I was born, my name should really be Fisher Miles. Don't get me wrong, I love to hunt, especially since I grew up on a plantation. My dad introduced me to fly fishing about 6 years ago, I've been fishing since 3 though. I always had a connection with water, I could stay on a boat forever and feel right at home. Me and my dad are what you would call specialized fishermen, we only fish for certain fish and we only fly fish. In the summer we fish for tarpon and in the fall and winter we fish for redfish. There is nothing like watching a 120 lbs. tarpon eating a fly the size of a quarter. Then, once they get on the line they jump everywhere and run so fast that they can take all of your line. Fly fishing is my favorite thing to do and it has allowed me to go to Louisiana twice and allowed me to make some amazing memories. I'm also going to get to go to South Carolina and the Bahamas just for fly fishing.