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Bonnie Johnstone

I've lived most of my life in San Jose, California...way before it became Silicon Valley. I saw the population in the County grow from 100,000 to over 1,000,000. My young years were spent as an athlete (met Mickey Mantle and Jesse Owens) training with Olympic Gold Medalists. I also worked as a Vista Volunteer in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia during the Civil Rights Era. I married young and have two fantastic children who are now adults. Both are talented and artistic. My family is multi ethnic and bi-racial. We are Celtic Africian American and have family members born in Peru, Cyprus, Katmandu. Fantastic! My dad was from Napa Valley so I worked at a Winery one Summer to get a feel for what he did working as a boy in the fields trimming vines (I worked in the tasting room though..easier). I like to cook and have entered and won cooking contests. Enjoy Indian and Thai cooking and Vegan recipes. I have a natural diet due to chronic migraines and am glad I can cook a variety of foods. I am retired. Moved to Colorado a few years ago and LOVE this State! My grandkids are close by and I have a wonderful Greek Orthodox Church to attend. Bought a small condo and live simply but with joy. I like to blog about tea on Steepster for fun. Since I am housebound most of the time I enjoy little pleasures like tea every day. My brother is an Orthodox Deacon in California and has a beautiful and smart wife and great family. Who could want more. I've worked many years in telecom (Nortel) and as an executive assistant (yuk) and went to school for System Analyst and to San Jose State University. I Like being retired better than working!!! Best of all...I love God.