Dr KRS Murthy

CEO of Sunrgi, an eXtreme Concentration PV (XCPV) company, with the highest sun concentrations of 2000 and the best suite of metrics in the solar industry. He is also an inventor in many aspects of the solar industry to include solar cells, nano and micro technology based composites, cell packaging, panels, systems, tracking, installation, operation and maintenance. His expertise covers in solar industry covers solar farms, roof top, aerospace and defense, and consumer applications. He has been a featured speaker, session chair and conference chair of international solar and other energy conferences in USA and India. Murthy has many years of professional track record encompassing various aspects of corporate governance and executive management, including: • Accelerated Corporate Growth and Valuation Growth • Mergers and Acquisitions, Venture and Private Equity Funding • Technology Strategy, R&D;, Engineering Management • Business Strategy, Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Competitive Strategy • Guaranteed Corporate Growth in many aspects of your company: Patents and intellectual property, business growth, valuation growth and competitive superiority in your industry. His entrepreneurial and executive track record encompasses in all aspects of solar, waste to energy (W2E), telecom, wireless, IT, software, computers, video / multimedia, defense, aerospace, solar, biofuel, fuel cells, nano and micro technology, nano composites, electronics hardware and healthcare services. I excel in start up and early stage high technology companies. His management and executive roles and responsibilities have included corporate governance, company executive management, corporate strategy, investor relations, mergers and acquisition, R&D;, engineering, product and service management, operations, business development, marketing and total quality management. He has run and aggressively grown companies of all sizes to include start up, early stage, small, and medium, large and international companies. KRS Murthy is a child prodigy with numerous life time accomplishments encompassing technology, entertainment, business, entrepreneurship, public speaker and visionary leadership. An internationally reputed Serial Entrepreneur and Serial C-Level Executive, his achievements include aiding the growth of a few American Companies to record revenues and corporate valuation: Fastest Growing and 2nd Largest in Black Enterprise 100 List