Ian Eisenberg

Seattle, WA

Ian Eisenberg is a serial entrepreneur with a primary interest in technology-related ventures. He has spent more than 15 years founding, developing, and operating technology-driven businesses. Based in Seattle, Ian Eisenberg currently serves as Founder and President of USNetwork, LLC, a provider of interactive voice response (IVR) telephony systems. Additionally, Ian Eisenberg joined with two other individuals to create an all natural, zero-calorie soda called Zevia and served as Principal and Director of Zevia LLC.

Laying the foundation for his career, Ian Eisenberg attended Seattle University, where he double majored in Business Finance and Humanities, earning a Bachelor of Arts in each field of study. Putting his education and creative talents to work, he has founded five businesses, taking them from inception to profitability.

A highly analytical thinker, Ian Eisenberg acted as President for the media and entertainment provider Blue Frog Mobile, Inc., for more than five years. Mr. Eisenberg was part of the team of technology and business professionals who founded the company. Blue Frog Mobile provided cutting-edge, downloadable entertainment products to mobile phones. Ian Eisenberg and his team at the company also pioneered an interactive feature for television called TXTV, which allowed viewers to text messages to participating networks, which then displayed them on air.

Before his work with Blue Frog Mobile, Ian Eisenberg founded and served as Chief Executive Officer for Japan Communication International in Tokyo and Islands Telephone Company, Mirage Marketing Inc., and Olympic Telecommunications, Inc., in Seattle. In addition to other business commitments, Ian Eisenberg has also been involved in Cascadia Capital Holdings, LLC, a company invested in the construction of buildings in downtown Seattle.

  • Work
    • USNetwork, LLC
  • Education
    • Seattle University